Composed sleeves and high efficiency air cleaning system compressed. Contaminated air entering the manifold via an internal baffle which evenly distributes the air inside the body and the heavy particulate falls into the hopper. The polluted air passes through the sleeves which retain particles on its outside face, while the clean air moves toward the exit module, inside of them. The collected particles form a dust layer (cake) on the sleeves which reduces the porosity of the filter medium. When the cake rises, simultaneously increasing the pressure drop (this can be measured with a pressure gauge or pressure switch) and the air flow decreases. To maintain moderate pressure drop, the cleaning cycle takes care of removing dust from the sleeves. The cleaning system consists of a programmed timer on electrically acting solenoids, which in turn govern diaphragm valves. These valves generate a reverse flow of high pressure air that expands and releases sleeve forming the powder cake. The cleaning process takes place row by row, thus only a portion of the filtering process is interrupted by the reverse flow, while the remaining rows are functioning normally ensuring the continuous ventilation. The dust drops to be ejected directly into the hopper from where it is evacuated by means of a rotary valve or other means to maintain the air seal.

Technical Details